Abecedarian Approach Australia 

The Abecedarian Approach is an evidence-based, proven program that builds on how children naturally learn and emphasises the importance of high quality adult-child interactions. The Approach teachers caregivers strategies to build a strong emotional connection with their child and help their child's development in all areas. 

Language Priority

Make language your first priority. Of all the things children learn in the early years, language is probably the biggest predictor of later success in school. Language allows children to organise their thoughts and explain their ideas; it gives them the means to express their feelings; and it gives them the tools they need to interact with peers and adults. Every experience is an opportunity for talking, listening and learning language. Children's home languages are just as important as English. The priority on language underpins the other three elements of the Abecedarian Approach that are outlined below.

Enriched Caregiving

Intentionally adding positive emotion and educational content to the daily, repeated routines of care (e.g. toileting, feeding, bathtime).


Conversational Reading

Individual and pair reading that emphasises back-and-forth communication between child and adult.

Learning Games

A set of experiences or games played between an adult and one or two children, to enhance children's development in all areas.

Information from 3a Abecedarian Approach Australia.