Our Families as First Teachers Program

We run Families as First Teachers playgroups. These playgroups focus on empowering and supporting parents and carers to develop children's thinking, language, physical, social and emotional skills in a relaxed and friendly setting. This is done through individual or group coaching in the Abecedarian Approach of Learning Games, Conversational Reading and Enriched Caregiving. This Approach is backed by 35 years of research in improving outcomes for children. Playgroups follow the Australian Early Years Learning Framework and offer quality learning experiences through music sessions, art and craft activities and sensory exploration.

Due to the popularity of our 0-4 years playgroups, it has been necessary to limit eligibility to Sanderson Alliance suburbs and target groups.

You are eligible to join our 0-4 years playgroups if:

  • you or your child live in Wulagi, Anula, Marrara, Leanyer, Malak, Muirhead or Karama
  • your child has siblings attending Wulagi School
  • your child attends Wulagi Good Start or has siblings attending there
  • you have been referred to us from the Pandanus program
  • you or your child identify as indigenous
  • you or your child speak English as a second or other language

If you are not eligible for our playgroups, please contact your local school to ask about their early childhood programs.

Families as First Teachers Playgroups - Playgroups do not run on public holidays

For the latest news and information please check our Facebook page.

Mondays 8.30am-12pm Baby Group 0-12 months (for families from all suburbs)

Tuesdays, Wednesdays, Thursdays 8.30am-12pm 0-4 years (for selected suburbs and target groups as outlined above)

Fridays 8.30am-12.30pm Indigenous-run 0-4 years Playgroup (for all families from all suburbs - sharing and learning about indigenous cultures)